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National Industrial and Mining Company

  • Protecting the environment is our main priority
  • A responsible mining operator
  • A continuous effort, an iron will
  • A continuous improvement of the products value added
  • Human resources: A real capital
  • One of the heaviest and longest mining trains of the world
  • A large capacity iron ore port
  • A direction towards renewable energies
  • Continuous monitoring of all employees development
  • Contribution to the integration and training of young people
  • CFTZ-SNIM: A technical training tool throughout the whole region

A company serving the economy

  • Direct jobs: 6700
  • Turnover: 1.26 billion dollars
  • Contribution to State budget revenue: 22%
  • Contribution to the National GDP: 09%
  • Contribution to the volume of exports: 32%
  • Financing of social projects: 14.4 Million Dollars
  • Number of national suppliers: 157 companies, creating over 3500 Jobs
  • Amount of local purchases: 55 million dollars

Figures of 2022 financial year



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