SNIM essentially operates two types of deposits in the region of Tiris in northern Mauritania: hematite and magnetite.


The hematite deposits are mainly located at Kédia d’Idjill and M’Haoudat.

Kédia d'Idjill is a mountainous massif extending over approximately 30km around Zouerate. It was a mining center in the early 1960s.

M' Haoudat is a 14km ridge located 60 km from Zouerate. It was discovered in the late 1980s.

The main hematite deposits currently being mined are TO14 (Kédia) and M'Haoudat. They account for 60% of SNIM’s total production. Other small satellite mines along Kédia provide extra production capacity if necessary.


Guelb El Rhein, the only magnetite deposit currently being mined, contains several hundred million tons of proven reserves. The average iron content of SNIM magnetite is in the order of 37%.

They are currently enriched by dry magnetic separation to give a concentrate containing close to 66% Fe. The Guelbs plant, where these ores are treated, has an annual capacity of 5 million tons.

All SNIM’s deposits are open-cast mined, with terraces of 12m (Kédia and M'Haoudat) and 15m (Rhein).

SNIM carries out all its mining operations, including research, pit optimization, earthworks, ship loading, rolling, drilling, explosive detonations, rail transport and maintenance.


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