SNIM mainly operates in the wilayas (regions) of Tiris Zemmour (Zouerate) and Dakhlet Nouadhibou. The ore is extracted and/or processed in the area surrounding the city of Zouerate, before being transported by ore freight train to the port of Nouadhibou.

SNIM has been extracting and selling iron ore from the guelbs (small peaks) of Tiris in northern Mauritania since 1963. It mainly operates in the Zouerate area, where its extracting sites are located.

The company’s products are transported to Nouadhibou Port, located 700km from the mine, using ore freight trains up to 2.5km long, with gross tonnage of 22,000 t. From this deepwater ore port that can accommodate ships of up to 150,000 t, the company sends out tradable products to its customers, including in several western European countries and in China.


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