Strategic Program

SNIM is entering its second half-century of mining in Mauritania with new ambitions for development carried through an ambitious Strategic Program, named NOUHOUDH.

This Program reflects SNIM’s new long-term vision for growth to 40MT per year by 2025 with production cost curbed to below USD40/T. This Program is based on three key priorities:

  • Growth based on lower-grade ores;
  • Establishment of industrial complexes;
  • Operational excellence.

In this dynamic of transformation, SNIM intends to reach the milestone of 25 million metric tons per year by 2019, with the commissioning of 12 to 14MT mining complexes at the magnetite Guelbs in the North, where a major campaign to identify new deposits was launched in early 2013.

SNIM’s growth strategy will, above all, create a major change in scale for the company, which will triple its revenues and double its workforce. All the priority projects of this program have already been launched and are being carried out according to schedule.