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Press release

SNIM’s annual sales cross the threshold of 14 million tons

With the loading of the ship CAPE SEAGULL at the Nouadhibou ore port today, SNIM has surpassed the 14 million tons threshold in sales for the first time in its history, marking a significant production milestone.

This accomplishment is attributed to the effectiveness of the Company's strategic program and the unwavering commitment and perseverance demonstrated by all employees in attaining the set objectives.

On this momentous occasion, the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member extends warm congratulations to all employees, acknowledging and commending their dedicated efforts.

SNIM recently embraced an ambitious strategic program with the aim of augmenting production, adding value to its products, and reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development. The program encompasses initiatives to enhance human resources and improve social services.

Through the implementation of its strategy, SNIM aspires to undergo a substantial operational transformation and cultivate its human capital to make a significant contribution to the development of the national economy.

Since its inception, SNIM has consistently held a prominent position in supporting the national economy. In 2022, SNIM's contribution constituted 22% of state budget revenue, 9% of the gross national product, and 32% of the export volume.


Direction of the Communication and Social Action