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SNIM Foundation opens a social support shop in the region of Achekrane

On September 16, 2023, SNIM Foundation inaugurated a new social support store in the Achekrane region, in the municipality of Tmémichate. This is the fifth store of its type in the railway corridor area. The building, powered by solar energy, includes an annex consisting of a residence, a warehouse and sanitary facilities.
SNIM Foundation supported the capital of the store and the salary of the manager. Ownership of the complex will be transferred to village residents after a trial period. The SNIM Foundation aims to provide essential food products at reduced prices to the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. Similar initiatives have already proved successful in Inal, Leghreydat, Tmémichat and Beneameyra.
The SNIM foundation has also completed and equipped water wells for drinking in the region. This facilitated the gathering of residents around water points established in this remote area.