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Contribution to the economic and social development of Mauritania

SNIM is proud to be a key player in Mauritania’s industrial, economic and social development. Its significant contribution now covers the entire national territory. The commitment to contribute to the economic and social development of Mauritania is based on two priority objectives:
•    Perpetuate SNIM’s contribution to the national economy and access to essential services for people;
•    Ensure the sustainability of funding for actions of poverty alleviation.

A driving force of the national economy


With a consolidated turnover of $1.26 billion, SNIM strengthened its contribution to the national economy in 2022 with:

  • Turnover: 1.26 billion Dollars;
  • Contribution to State budget revenue: 22%;
  • Contribution to Mauritanian GDP: 09%;
  • Contribution to export volume: 32%;
  • Social projects funding: 14.4 Million Dollars;

Steady support for local businesse

  • Number of national suppliers: 157 companies, creating over 3500 Jobs;
  • Amount of local purchases in 2022: 55 million dollars.


Subsidiaries: A tool to strengthen the Mauritanian industrial base 

SNIM emerges as a major catalyst for national industrial development, through its 10 subsidiaries operating in key sectors such as tourism, public works, construction and mechanical manufacturing, foundry, port handling and transit, and the extraction of gypsum, granite, and marble. The subsidiaries also engage in public works, water and electricity, real estate development, and the management of oil facilities. SNIM's strategy is based on bold sectoral diversification, covering a wide range of important industries. This diversity ensures a significant contribution to economic growth and the resilience of the national industrial fabric.

Tourism: The SNIM's tourism subsidiaries do not just promote attractive destinations; they also invest in tourism projects that stimulate the local economy, creating job opportunities in hospitality, catering, and related services. These include SOMASERT (Mauritanian Services and Tourism Company) and GHM (Grand Hotels of Mauritania).

Public Works and Construction: Active participation in public works and construction contributes to the growth of national infrastructure. ATTM (Sanitation, Works, Transport, and Maintenance Company), a subsidiary of SNIM, engages in large-scale projects that enhance connectivity and generate jobs in the construction sector.

Mechanical Manufacturing and Foundry: Subsidiaries focused on mechanical manufacturing and foundry are crucial for strengthening the country's industrial base. By producing high-quality mechanical parts, they promote autonomy and competitiveness in the local and sub-regional market. These include COMECA (Mechanical Construction of the Atlantic) and SAFA (Arab Iron and Steel Company).

Port Handling and Transit: Presence in this strategic sector facilitates international trade. The subsidiary SAMMA (Acconage and Handling Company in Mauritania) contributes to the development of handling activities, transit, and terminal management.

Extraction of Gypsum, Granite, and Marble: Subsidiaries like GMM (Granite and Marble of Mauritania) and SAMIA (Arab Company of Metallurgical Industries) contribute to the growth of the extractive sector while creating jobs in the respective regions.

Water and Electricity: SNIM provides water and electricity to the cities of Zouerate and F’derick. Its subsidiary, M2E (Mauritanian Water and Electricity), manages and distributes these essential resources for human life and economic development.

Real Estate Development: As part of its human resource development policy, SNIM has adopted an approach that allows its employees to access land ownership. This led to the creation of the subsidiary GPIM (Real Estate Promotion Management), specializing in real estate development. In 2022, this subsidiary oversaw the subsidized sale of 600 homes to SNIM employees in Zouerate and is currently implementing other housing programs.

Oil Facility Management: The GIP (Oil Facility Management) is a SNIM subsidiary responsible for the management of oil facilities.

Beyond sectoral diversification, SNIM's subsidiaries generate significant employment, reaching 2,000 positions (direct and indirect jobs), boosting local economies, and improving the life conditions of the communities.

Assistance for the integration of young people
In 2012, SNIM created a technical training center in Zouerate, dedicated to train young holders of the junior secondary education and the final secondary school diploma, in the fields of electrical mechanics, Boilerwork-welding, servicing and operating machinery...etc.
This training offers state recognized diplomas: CAP (vocational training certificate) and BTS (advanced vocational training certificate)
On the other hand, recruitment at SNIM is carried out through public announcements and competitions, open to all Mauritanians, without discrimination as to sex, skin colour, ethnic or geographical origin.

Recruitment year  2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of young people hired  159 226 323 373

Integration of vulnerable groups

The integration of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities is an integral part of our human resources policy.
We continue to maintain under contract and support all of our employees who are victims of life’s accidents.

For more information, please refer to the CSR report

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