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SNIM is controlled by the following bodies:

General Assembly

SNIM General Assembly which represents all its shareholders is regularly constituted.  Every shareholder has the right to attend the General Meeting or to be represented in it.  The General Meeting appoints the directors and nominate the auditors.
The Executive Board 
SNIM is administered by a Board of Directors composed of 12 members appointed by the Ordinary General Meeting. The Board meets at least four (4) times during the same financial year. The Executive Board has delegated to the Chief Executive Officer the extensive and necessary powers to the General Management and the day-to-day administration of the Company with the option of partial or total substitution.

Executive Committee

The Board of Directors has created internally an Executive Committee composed of 4 directors. It acts as the procurement commission to approve any market deal greater than or equal to 2 million euros. It meets at least four (4) times a year.

Audit Committee

The Board of Directors has created therein an Audit Committee composed of 5 directors. It approves the proposal for the appointment of statutory auditors and the annual internal audit program. It reviews the audit reports and makes the necessary recommendations.

Management Committee

A Management Committee, including the delegated managers of SNIM, the railway and port Manager and that of the Head office, meets regularly around the CEO to examine questions related to the management of the company and its orientations. 

Coordination Committee 

A Coordination Committee including the CEO, the delegated managers, advisors and sectors managers of SNIM, is held every three months to review the production program and budget implementation.

For more information, please refer to the CSR report

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