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SNIM Foundation: A tool for local development

In addition to its significant contribution to GDP, to job creation, to exports and to the Mauritanian state budget, SNIM provides a wide range of services to the people Nouadhibou-Zouerate corridor:

  • Water and electricity supply to Zouerate and F'derick;
  • Water distribution along the railway line;
  • The provision of electricity to communities located nearby the railway maintenance bases;
  • Rail transport of people and goods;
  • Medical assistance;
  • Annual budget support to the municipalities of Nouadhibou-Zouerate corridor;

Most of these services are supported through the SNIM FOUNDATION, created in 2007.  It is a non-profit foundation that organizes and manages the interventions of SNIM in favor of the populations living along the railway corridor of Zouérate-Nouadhibou and on a national scale.
The Foundation's vision takes into account the national poverty reduction strategy. Its main lines of action are:

  • Poverty alleviation 
  • Improving the living conditions of target populations;
  • Facilitating people’s access to healthcare, education, drinking water and basic infrastructure;
  • Socio-economic reintegration of SNIM pensioners;
  • The development of microfinance among the target populations;
  • Promoting good governance.

Since 2007, the SNIM Foundation has invested over USD 96 million in its focus areas.


Visit the foundation's website (only in Arabic for this moment)

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