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Health, safety and wellbeing of our employees

Health, Safety and Environment are a priority of the strategic program of the company (PSE). Two health, safety and environment committees (CHSSE), located in Nouadhibou and Zouerate, are responsible for monitoring these key aspects in Nouadhibou and Zouerate institutions 
Their main tasks can be summarized as follows:
•    Ensure the application of instructions relating to the health, safety and hygiene of employees;
•    To promote the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases;
•    Popularize health, safety and environmental good practices;
•    Ensure regulatory monitoring and communicate new legal, regulatory or conventional provisions in HSSE;
•    Strive to improve health and safety records at work.



SNIM has its own health facilities, including two polyclinics dedicated to supporting its employees and their families. The two polyclinics provide all medical procedures, from consultation to surgery.
The recent extension of the two polyclinics increased their hospital capacity to 100 beds each, while modernizing the medical equipment used and increasing the number of specialists available to employees and their families.

Occupational medicine


At the workplace, an occupational health unit (UST) provides workers with common medical services and first aid in case of accidents.
11 occupational health units are located on the various sites and accommodation areas, along the railway, to help prevent occupational diseases and to provide local medical services to employees.    

Safety: ensuring the physical soundness of all


SNIM makes of Safety First its slogan and invests in the improvement of working conditions and the workstations ergonomics, as well as in the safety and security equipment.
The objective is to prevent accidents and establish a culture of safety at work, through appropriate training, in order to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Staff compensation and motivation 

At SNIM, compensation is made without discrimination between men and women.
Staff motivation is given a particular attention leading to successive major improvements in compensation, through general and individual increases in merit, and the allocation of exceptional bonuses and premiums.

The development of Human Resources is a priority trends of our strategic program of the company (PSE). We are constantly working to ensure a work environment conducive to professional growth, creativity and sustainable success of our company, by investing in the potential and well-being of our employees.

Supplementary pension plan

In January 2011, SNIM introduced an additional pension scheme. This system complements the pension scheme managed by the National Social Security Fund.

Managed by SNIM itself, this scheme is open to all employees of the company, of Mauritanian nationality, under permanent employment contract, working in Mauritania. Its main purpose is to reduce the precariousness of the life of the Company’s retirees, whose membership in the National Health Insurance Fund is covered by SNIM Foundation.
The management of this system is done through an individual account on behalf of the employee. This account receives monthly the contribution due for the employee's share as well as that of the employer for the benefit of the employee.
The contribution rate to the supplementary pension scheme consists of the 10% rate charged to SNIM in addition to the 7% rate charged to the employee, deducted at source from his monthly salary.

As regards the monthly payment of the retirement pension, it takes effect as soon as the member ceases his wage-related activities in  SNIM, over a period of 120 months.

For the sake of transparency, the members of the sadditional pension scheme are annually informed of the situation of their individual accounts (balance , amount of contributions from the previous year).



Our vocational training policy, resulting from the Company Strategic Programme  (PSE), consists in guaranteeing, to the staff, the necessary level to leverage the knowledge required by position, effectively satisfy the needs in specific training and develop, for certain critical trades, the necessary refinements, particularly for operations and maintenance trades.
This policy translates into improving the skills of new recruits, upgrading existing staff and developing partnership with equipment manufacturers.  As such, the company’s training system covers both continuing vocational training and initial training.

For more information, please refer to the CSR report



SNIM offers two cities specially built for the housing of its employees, one in Zouerate and another in Nouadhibou, both equipped with amenities necessary for the comfort of residents.


In order to support the buying power of employees, SNIM has set up two commissaries in Zouerate and Nouadhibou, in order to provide employees with basic foodstuffs at subsidized prices.

Culture et sport


La SNIM subventionne deux associations culturelles et sportives qui organisent continuellement des activités culturelles et sportives au profit des collaborateurs et leurs familles.

SNIM subsidizes two cultural and sports associations that continuously organize cultural and sports activities for the benefit of employees and their families.

For more information, please refer to the CSR report

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